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Michael W. Sherer Series

Night/Blake Sanders series

Murder by Night

Blake Sanders is a man you might think has hit bottom. At college his height and speed made his a basketball star, until osteomylitis took him out of the game. He married his sweetheart, had a son, and found a job in communications. But all that is gone now. His son is dead, his wife divorced him and he is working a night-time paper route in Seattle.

Add to that his lifetime struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and Sanders is a man struggling on the edge.

When we meet him he becomes a suspect in the death of an elderly lady on his paper route.

He finds unlikely assistance in the person of Lieutenant Commander Reyna Chase of the Office of Naval Intelligence.

As the series progresses, Sanders finds himself again and again in situations that mean danger to himself and others, and call for assistance from Reyna Chase.

Sanders is not a kick-ass hero (although Reyna has her skills), rather he is an everyman who finds himself in the centre of trouble, and must get through somehow with not much more than common sense and the shooting skills he learnt from his cop friend Charlie.

Sanders doesn't seek out crime and adventure, but rather falls in the path of it. He lives in Seattle and his stories have a strong sense of the place and its history.

Sherer makes Blake Sanders a broken, accidental hero. He solves crime out of necessity rather than a driving sense of justice. He struggles with his demons and must succeed despite them. Sanders is less a hard-boiled detecter than the tragic hero of his own tattered life.


Night Blind

Night Tide

Night Drop

Night Strike

book cover Night Blind by Michael W. Sherer; 105x140
Night Blind, Michael W. Sherer

Night Blind

The brutal murder of a feisty little old lady, one of Blake Sanders' few friends, leaves him as the prime suspect. To clear himself, Sanders must battle his demons and unknown forces including a French intelligence agent.

What is the link between the Catholic Church, a rogue spy, a mysterious U.S. Navy command signal and the new underground rail project?

As he tries to clear his name he acquires an unlikely partner in Naval Intelligence officer, Reyna Chase.

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book cover, Night Tide, by Michael W. Sherer; 90x134
Night Tide, Michael W. Sherer

Night Tide

Sanders is back on his familiar pattern of dishwashing and delivering papers, but it seems trouble is destined to find him. A family barbecue with friend and cop Charlie ends in a gun battle with black-clad intruders and the flight of Charlie's parents.

A childhood friend of Sanders is freed from prison after 20 years and the feds, who have lost track of him, think Sanders knows where he is. Once again, Sanders must seek the answers to old secrets in order to get clear of his problems.

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book cover, Night Drop by Michael W. Sherer; 90x134
Night Drop, Michael W. Sherer

Night Drop

Sanders is on the phone to ex-wife Molly when she is kidnapped. As Sanders works with the FBI and her law firm to pay the ransom for her, Reyna Chase is investigating the disappearance of one of Molly's clients - an ex-Navy SEAL and dolphin handler.

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book cover, NIght Strike, by Michael W. Sherer; x
Night Strike, Michael W. Sherer

Night Strike

For those who have read the previous 'Night' books, the key protagonists of this novel are familiar. Blake Sanders still has ADD, social dysfunctions, a night-time paper route, and a tendency to fall into situations others would quickly scratch their way out of. Macready the ex-SEAL is ageing, but unable to resist the call of one last mission, this time spying on the Russian navy. Reyna Chase finds her fast-track career once again at risk when her naval bosses suspend her because Blake, an ex-lover, has possession of a dead NCIS agent's gun.

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