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Issue: Winter 2014

Night Drop (2014) book review

Terror in Seattle

Sanders is on the phone to ex-wife Molly when she is kidnapped. As Sanders works with the FBI and her law firm to pay the ransom for her, Reyna Chase is investigating the disappearance of one of Molly's clients - an ex-Navy SEAL and dolphin handler.

Night Drop is the third adventure in Michael W. Sherer's Blake Sanders /Reyna Chase series. In this adventure Sherer tells the interwoven stories of Sanders (in first person) and Macready (the SEAL) who, each in his way, is working to save Molly.

Unlikely as it seems, Reyna Chase is once again involved, this time because the Navy has a watch on Macready who they believe freed two trained 'marine mammals' who were in his custody.

book cover, Night Drop by Michael W. Sherer; 220x327

Night Drop by Michael W. Sherer(2014)

As the stories develop we are drawn into a series of chases and adventures as Sanders engages the kidnappers, and Macready himself is held prisoner and forced to retrain the dolphins.

It's action/adventure with Sanders as an unlikely everyman hero, and Macready as the Navy-trained hero who hasn't yet past his prime. Separately the two men and Reyna must save Molly and thwart terrorists despite the disbelief of the FBI and the Navy.

This reviewer has a weakness for the Seattle setting. We have a number of people, and dolphins, in jeopardy in Night Drop. We know the Mr Sherer will draw them all together, but how? Richly detailed, with a strong sense of place.

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Ali Kayn
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