Festivale's pictorial guide to Melbourne and Victoria is our way of sharing our city with you.

Melbourne has been called "the world's most livable city", but that's marketing.

What is Melbourne like? Four seasons in one day. In climate and temperament, we are probably a sister city to Seattle, Washington. Enough inclement weather to encourage people to enjoy the indoors and be creative, enough good weather to enjoy outdoor events and beautiful spaces.

Melbourne, Australia is a multicultural city with influences from all around the world. It has a population of indigineous people, immigrants from every continent, as well as tourists and international students. This is reflected in the entertainment, food, goods and services available.

Melbourne inner city is on a silt bed and the long dry destroyed many homes and commercial buildings. Cracks in walls and ceilings are now part of the fabric of the city as the underground shrinks and shifts.

Melbourne is a cafe city, an eating-out city, a city that attracts creative types. There are lots of artists and writers, especially genre writers, although less than before the Goods and Services Tax beat a lot of people out of freelance employment.

Like many other places, Melbourne works hard to attract the tourist dollar. This includes extending the existing conference and exhibition spaces to bring larger conventions to places like Jeff's Shed (Melbourne Exhibition Centre).

While we are travelling around visiting places, we pay especial attention to those that can be reached by public transport and are free. There are lots of places to go and things to do, it's just a matter of looking.

This is one place to start your search.


Parks and Gardens

Historical Places

Sports and Other Venues

Map of Victoria

Public Parks and Gardens

These are lists of public parks and gardens

Melbourne Parks and Gardens Inner City parks and gardens. See also, related map
Melbourne Parks and Gardens Suburban parks and gardens. See also, related map
Melbourne Parks and Gardens Mt Dandenong Tourist Road parks and gardens. See also, related map
Victorian Parks and Gardens Country Victoria parks and gardens. See also, related map

Parks and gardens maintained by the Waterways people.

Historic Sites

including museums, classified buildings and gardens.

Melbourne Historic Sites Inner City historic sites. See also, related map
Another View Walk of Melbourne
Art Deco Walk of Melbourne
Melbourne Historic Sites Suburban historic sites. See also, related map

Victorian historic sites Country Victoria historic sites. See also, related map which links to other informative sites

Geelong Historic Sites


Inner City Galleries Inner City Galleries and Museums.
See also, map

Art Deco Walk of Melbourne

Melbourne Major Sports Venues and Attractions

Melbourne and Environs Galleries and Museums
Melbourne and environs, major sports venues
Capital City Bike Trail
Western Coastal Bike Trail
Melbourne Attractions Melbourne Venues and Attractions. See also, related map
Melbourne Venues and Attractions

Melbourne's Yarra River. See also, related map

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