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DSM IV verses Acme Industries: Are Our Cartoon Heroes Mentally Healthy? (Dee Leana Carter)


Snow Your Own Way - Alpine National Park

Whale Watching in New South Wales, Australia; 294x218

Follow the NSW Whale Trail this Winter

Enjoy Su busking in Bourke St, Melbourne; 355x263
Monsters and Good Thoughts: The Art of Enjoy Su (Ali Kayn) space
Australian Voices; 442x339
Australian Protest Music Addresses Worldwide Issues (Videos) space

Capturing the Cosmos at the Melbourne Planetarium (Ali Kayn)


Singularity au Go-Go: Artificial Intelligence in SF Movies (Terry Frost)

artwork by Joel Birnie; 281x230

Macabre Visions: An Interview with Joel Stephen Birnie (Destiny West

Personal Information Management between devices; 281x230

Your Data on Your Devices: Personal Information Management Across Devices (Ali Kayn & Richard Hryckiewicz)

Moomba Festivale, photograph (c) Ali Kayn; 280x230

March Madness: Events and Festivals in Melbourne and Victoria (Tourism Victoria)

Melbourne Band Love Junkyard; 279x230

Interview with Love Junkyard


SF Franchises and Contemporary Science Fiction (David Gerrold)

Grand Tradition Science Fiction: Stories that Want to Have Fun (Bascomb James)

Unintended Invention: The Fantasy of Manners (Ellen Kushner)

Casper Jean Rimbaud: The World Seen Darkly (Destiny West)

Day of the Dead Warehouse Project 2015 (Dee)

Get Ready Cyberfunkers: Black Science fiction (K. Ceres Wright)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Western writing (Julia Robb)

The Enduring Immortal Vampire (Rhiannon Frater)

My Virtual World of Digital Memories: Saving Your Precious Mementos (Ali Kayn)

Dystopian Literature: Science Fiction That Borders on Horror (Leigh M. Lane)

Female Private Eyes in Fiction: From Lady Detectives to Hard-Boiled Dames (Colleen Collins)

David Gerrold and the Crunch of Ideas (interview by Ali Kayn)

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Steampunk: A Marvellous Excursion (feature article by Michael Pryor)

Melbourne Star - A Flight Above Melbourne (observation wheel photostory by Ali Kayn and Richard Hryckiewicz)

Defining Horror (feature article by Jeani Rector)

History and Culture in Plants - The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne (photostory)

High Tea at the Hotel Windsor: A Melbourne Treat

Melbourne's Immigration Museum (photostory)

Kerry Greenwood: Miss Phryne Fisher's Mistress of Murder

Turn Your Computer into a Virtual Album or Noticeboard

Australian writer, editor, bookseller and publisher Paul Collins recently received the A Bertram Chandler Award for lifetime achievement in Australian science fiction. Read our featured interview with Paul Collins.

Evie In "The Mummy Returns": Hiding The Female Hero In Plain Sight By Alex Bledsoe

E-Readers, or Living with Paperless Books By Ali Kayn

E-Books: How, Why, What-On; Can A Computer Do It?
By C. J. Cherryh

A Cat Named Kao K'o Kung (Patty Inglish)

Sunday around Albert Park Lake (Ali Kayn)

Motor-head Melbourne (Ali Kayn)

Toys of the Melbourne International Motor Show (Ali Kayn)

Moved by Movies

Ill-met-- public transport in Melbourne

Kerry Greenwood: Jazz Age Murder and Mayhem (Ali Kayn)

Anne McCaffrey: The Lady from Dragonhold

Fiction of Tomorrow (Wynne Whiteford)

Peter Fonda, signed photograph; 280x229

Peter Fonda: American Son (Ali Kayn)


Hong Kong Hits Hollywood (Mark Morrison)

Riding Puffing Billy: A steamy weekend in the Dandenongs

Significant Koorie sites in inner city Melbourne (Ali Kayn (photostory)

Majel Barrett, Part of the Star Trek Legacy (Ali Kayn)

Val McDermid (Ali Kayn)

Gardens of Melbourne (Ali Kayn (photostory)

I Remember Tomorrow (Ali Kayn)

Robert O'Reilly, and interview with Star Trek's Gowron (Ali Kayn)

Oz Odyssey: A Personal View of Science Fiction Writing from a Fan Down Under (Bruce Gillespie)

Penguin Pursuits: A Trip down the Yarra to see the Little Penguins (Ali Kayn)

Terry Pratchett: Master of Fantastic Humour (Ali Kayn)

Science Fiction Film: the interesting old stuff (Terry Frost)

Star Wars Memories (Ali Kayn)

Star Wars: The End of an Era (Loraine Smith)

City on the Edge of the Yarra (Ali Kayn (photostory)

Autumn in Melbourne (Ali Kayn (photostory)

Melbourne at Your Feet: Railto Towers (Ali Kayn (photostory)

Rippon Lea on a Rainy Day

William Ricketts Sanctuary

Art Deco Walk of Melbourne

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