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Tanya Huff answers The Usual Questions

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Tanya Huff

The Blood Books/Vicki Nelson

Canadian Gothic

The only thing more infamous than the single-minded ex-cop private investigator Vicki 'Victory' Nelson is her shoulder bag. Legendary in police circles it contains just about anything a lady would want to hunt down killers. As the series opens, Vicki has resigned from the Canadian police force, with whom she was a homicide detective with a tremendous clean-up rate. She is near-sighted and suffering from worsening night-blindness and tunnel vision which may deteriorate into total blindness. Unwilling to ride a desk, she has become a P.I., and in the first novel she begins her journey into the world of supernatural investigations.

An apparent vampire attack, which she interrupted, becomes her case when the victim's wealthy goth girlfriend asks Vicki to intercede. Corinne is convinced the attack is the work of a vampire, Vicki is just glad for a excuse to involve herself in the investigation.

Little does she know that Corinne will become her right-hand/woman friday. Vicki does find a vampire, but he is not the killer. In the series, Vicki and her vampire 'friend', Henry Fitzroy, ill-begotten son of Henry VIII, take on cases of and for the supernatural creatures that apparently live among us.

Vicki and Henry form two parts of a love triangle with her ex-partner Mike Celucci, still a homicide cop.

The television series (Blood Ties) is targeted at a more strait-laced audience. In the books, Vicki is in bed with Celucci by pg 41. Henry does 'play with his food' but it is very much heterosexual and off-screen. Corinne is a lapsed student working as a waitress before she invites herself into Vicki's employ. The writers do have a nice rhythm with the humour, not trying to be witty, but rather relying on light irony.

In the latter part of the series, the Smoke books, Henry Fitzroy takes Tony away from Vicki and the stories centre on the two.

Blood Price by Tanya Huff
Blood Price (1991), Tanya Huff

Blood Price (1991)

The first book in the series introduced Vicki, her self-assigned assistant Corinne, the royal vampire Henry Fitzroy and Vicki's connections in the homicide and coroner's department.

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Blood Trail by Tanya Huff
Blood Trail, Tanya Huff

Blood Trail

A family of werewolves living in London, Ontario are being hunted and they turn to Henry Fitzroy for help. Vicki, with night-blindness and Henry, a vampire who sleeps by day, join forces to help the family.

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Blood Lines by Tanya Huff, paperback cover
Blood Lines, Tanya Huff

Blood Lines

In the Egyptology Department of Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum, a mummy is released to strive for world domination for himself and his god.

Henry senses something is wrong and again calls in Vicki to help, competing and co-operating with the third member of their romantic triangle, Celluci.

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Blood Pact by Tanya Huff, paperback cover
Blood Pact, Tanya Huff

Blood Pact

The death of Vicki's mother takes a sinister twist and Vicki, Henry and Mike investigate. As the battle draws to a close Mike and Henry go to terrible lengths to save the mortally wounded Vicki.

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Blood Debt by Tanya Huff, paperback cover
Blood Debt, Tanya Huff

Blood Debt

Henry is visited by a ghost who each night will answer one question. If the answer is no, an innocent will die.

Henry must discover who killed his visitor, and for this he calls in Vicki Nelson.

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Blood Bank by Tanya Huff, paperback cover
Blood Bank, Tanya Huff

Blood Bank

A collection of short stories based on the Blood books.

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Blood Ties DVD, television series, 2006
Blood Ties, Tanya Huff

Blood Ties: The Complete Series

The excellent television series strains credibility as the investigators fight a new, different supernatural threat practically every week. A special joy is the female coroner.

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book cover, Smoke and Shadows by Tanya Huff; 87x140
Smoke and Shadows, Tanya Huff

Smoke and Shadows

Tony, a former street kid, is now a production assistant on a TV series about a vampire detective. But the special effects wizard is actually a real wizard who's come from another dimension-along with a dangerous foe. And Tony will definitely need the help of vampire Henry Fitzroy if he, his friend-and the world-are going to stand any chance of surviving this invasion.

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book cover, Smoke and Mirrors, by Tanya Huff; 88x140
Smoke and Mirrors, Tanya Huff

Smoke and Mirrors

When Tony and his TV crew find themselves shooting in an actual haunted house, all hell threatens to break loose. Locked into the house overnight, can Tony keep the diabolical controling spirit from turning the crew against one another in an orgy of blood? (source:

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book cover, Smoke and Ashes by Tanya Huff; 90x140
Smoke and Ashes, Tanya Huff

Smoke and Ashes

Tony-with the help of vampire Henry Fitzroy and Leah, a stuntwoman who is the last surviving priestess of a sex demon, plus a tabloid reporter and a Canadian Mountie-must keep the key to the convergence alive to prevent a demonic invasion so large scale that it could be the finale-for the whole world. (source:

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