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Hands-on Science for the Kids

Scienceworks is a part of the Museum of Victoria. It lies across the Westgate Bridge and combines modern buildings and the old sewerage pumping station with a nature walk, playground and more to offer kids of all ages a full, interactive experience.

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Volunteers acts as guards, protecting, and resetting the exhibits (for example, the archeological dig, where kids can brush sand away from a fossil), and presenting subjects such as rocket travel. There are buttons everywhere, tests of skill and speed to demonstrate scientific experiments in a fun way. Exhibitions change regularly.

Scienceworks, childrens science museum, Melbourne, Victoria (22.42k)

Scienceworks is on the Western Coastal Bike Trail, see also:
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Just the facts:


Open daily from 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. except Good Friday and Christmas Day.
Ph: 13 11 02 confirm details on Web site

Visit Victoria
Getting there:

2 Booker St, Spotswood, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Take the train on Werribee, Williamstown or Newport line, alight at Spotswood railway station. 10 minute walk (signposted). Or catch the City Wanderer bus from Flinders Street station.

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