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A Reel Life film section

Issue: Autumn 2003

X-Men 2: X2 (2003) movie review

Have you tried not being a mutant?

Mutants are real, and the fear, too, is real. In the face of military-style action against Professor Xavier's school for gifted children, and other attacks, the new breed must band together. But Xavier and his old friend Magneto have polarising views.

After the end of X-MEN (2000) Magneto is jailed in a plastic cell and the mutants are fighting to protect their civil rights. Into this nervous situation comes the Nightcrawler who attempts to assassinate the U.S. president. And so we have Mystique trying to rescue Magneto, Xavier's people trying to rescue him, and Wolverine interrupting his search for his own history and identity by rescuing mutant youngsters.

Sharing the world has never been humanity's defining attribute.

Movie poster, X Men 2; Festivale film review

Movie poster, X Men 2; Festivale film review

The time has come for those who are different to stand united.

X2 is all go with a few moments of adolescents facing an adult world that distrusts them. Let's accept that as a universal theme.

As usual, there are some remarkable actors lead by Patrick Stewart (Xavier) and Ian McKellen (Magneto) with a strong showing by the often-shirtless Hugh Jackman (Wolverine). The cinematography is beautiful, the music sweeps us along and the computer graphics make it look pretty believable.

If someone could just explain why humans, so very alike, throw out so very many different mutations, I'd appreciate it.

X2 is one of the better superhero action flicks that are forming the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and if you are following the adventures, it is one that is important to understanding the story arcs.

Very watchable.


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by Ali Kayn
Due for Australian release 30 April 2003
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Just the facts:

Title: X-Men 2: X2 (2003)
Written by: Zak Penn (story) and David Hayter (story) & Bryan Singer (story) Michael Dougherty (screenplay) & Dan Harris (screenplay) and David Hayter (screenplay)
Directed by: Bryan Singer
running time: 133 mins
rating: M

The Players: Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, James Marsden, Anna Paquin, Rebecca Romijn, Brian Cox, Bruce Davison

Official website:
IMDb entry

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