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Lucas Davenport (Prey) series

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Official Website:

More by John Sandford:

Lucas Davenport (Prey) series

Kidd and LuEllen series

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John Sandford (John Camp)

The Detective with the Rock and Roll T Shirts -- Virgil Flowers

A member of Lucas Davenport's team in the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), Virgil Flowers is a Minnesota detective whose uniform includes esoteric t-shirts of varying vintage. He's a bright investigator lured to the BCA with a promise only to be given the hardest cases who's just as likely to be working with a boat on a trailer dragging behind his vehicle.

Virgil has a problem with women -- he likes them and tends to fall and love and marry them. Before this series starts he has already been through three marriages, and isn't quite free of finding the ex-wives attractive.

"Virgil was a social guy. So social he'd been married three times over a short space of years, until he finally gave it up. He didn't plan to resume until he'd grown old enough to distinguish love from infatuation. He felt he was making progress, but he'd thought that the other three times, too."

He has a semi-lucrative sideline writing for outdoor magazines, hence his tendency to travel with a boat and a camera. He can't quite fit everything into his busy schedule and sometimes has to do a little "undertime". He also thinks best on water and has been ordered out onto his boat by Lucas Davenport in order to sort things through.

"The thing about Flowers was, in Lucas's humble opinion, you could send him out for a loaf of bread and he'd find an illegal bread cartel smuggling in heroin-saturated wheat from Afghanistan. Either that or he'd be fishing in a muskie tournament, on government time. You had to keep an eye on him."

To read all the books in sequence, it's best to start with the Lucas Davenport stories, otherwise these books constitute a spoiler. Virgil is first mentioned in the Davenport novel Invisible Prey and as noted below appears in such novels as Storm Prey .


This is the Virgil Flowers summary, we recommend that you use the Lucas Davenport reading order as they intertwine.

Dark of the Moon

Heat Lightning

Rough Country

Bad Blood

Storm Prey

Shock Wave

Stolen Prey

Mad River

Storm Front


Book cover, Dark of the Moon, John Sandford; 81x139
Dark of the Moon, John Sandford (John Camp)

Dark of the Moon

Virgil heads to investigate the death of an elderly couple when he comes upon a firey scene and becomes involved in the death of local businessman-of-ill-repute, Bill Judd. Virgil is a trouble-shooter, called in to investigate the crimes that local sheriffs are not in a position or qualified to handle. Virgil, of course, struggles with his fascination with eligible women and finds time to help the local sheriff's love life along while dealing with small-town politics and shoot outs.

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Book cover, Heat Lightning, John Sandford; 81x139
Heat Lightning, John Sandford (John Camp)

Heat Lightning

Virgil is called in when an apparent serial killer is working in Minnesota, notably placing a lemon in the mouths of his victims and placing their bodies at war memorials. He is told that this was a trick used in Vietnam to silence execution victims and his investigation leads him to an academic radical with ties to Vietnam and his attractive daughter.

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Book cover, Broken Prey, John Sandford; 81x139
Broken Prey, John Sandford (John Camp)

Reading Order -- Spoiler Alert

Read Heat Lightning before the Davenport novel Broken Prey, which begins immediately after the resolution of Heat Lightning.

Book cover, Rough Country, John Sandford; 81x139
Rough Country, John Sandford (John Camp)

Rough Country

It's a fishing vacation for Virgil and he's just starting out for a day on the water when Lucas Davenport orders him to a relatively nearby resort for ladies only. Virgil discovers that many of the ladies prefer ladies, although quite a few are not immune to the attractions of the resort's young male staffers. The victim is one of these women -- a wealthy, cut-throat advertising executive about to take over her firm and rout out the dead wood. How can Virgil find the answer when so many people would like to see McGill fall?

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Book cover, Bad Blood, John Sandford; 81x139
Bad Blood, John Sandford (John Camp)

Bad Blood

Virgil is approached by a sheriff to investigate when a teenage boy apparently murders a local farmer. The pair rapidly find themselves looking at four murders, stemming from the death of a the boy's female friend a year earlier. And the deaths involve the members of a "private religious organisation".

Meanwhile, Virgil's reputation as a ladies man might, she tells him, be just what the sheriff needs.

"What I feel like, Virgil, is a little experimentation, something quick and shallow, somebody with experience..."

Virgil said, finally, "Well, you've got my attention."

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Book cover, Storm Prey, John Sandford; 81x139
Storm Prey, John Sandford (John Camp)

Reading Order Note

Virgil Flower's adventure Bad Blood takes place in December, in January he appears in the Lucas Davenport novel, Storm Prey .

Book cover, Shock Wave, John Sandford; 93x140
Shock Wave, John Sandford (John Camp)

Shock Wave

Virgil is watching full-scale Minnesotan women seriously attacking a beach volleyball when he's called onto a new case. A bomber is attacking the site (and company headquarters) of a new large-scale store that will likely destroy numerous old family-owned businesses and - horror! - possibly damage the local trout fishing spot. Virgil grabs his boat, fishing gear and a suitable supply of controversial t-shirts and is on his way.

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Book cover, Stolen Prey, John Sandford (John Camp); 81x139
Stolen Prey, John Sandford

Reading Note: Spoiler Alert

In August Virgil conducts an investigation in Stolen Prey for Lucas Davenport. The action in Stolen Prey is mentioned in Mad River when Virgil writes an article about the happenings. The sequence is a bit strange because Mad River takes place in April, but read Stolen Prey first.

Book cover, Mad River, John Sandford; 93x140
Mad River, John Sandford (John Camp)

Mad River

Bronzed, boasting about the Bahamas' beach bimbos dressed only in bikini bottoms, and more than a little bit boozed-up, Virgil is called back to work when four murders occur within a small section of Minnesota. He finds himself chasing a would-be Bonnie and Clyde.

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book cover, Storm Front, by John Sandford; 93x140
Storm Front, John Sandford

Storm Front

Virgil has a whole mess of trouble including two Israeli agents, murderous Turks, questionable Lebanese, a pair of rival artifact hunters and a well-endowed redneck with a nose for profit. It all begins when a dying university professor steals a stone that might rewrite Jewish history, the bible, and the land rights of Israel.

Read our review of Storm Front

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book cover, Deadline by John Sandford; 92x140
Deadline (Virgil Flowers), John Sandford


Virgil drags his boat into a new adventure. This time the theft of local dogs in Trippton has Virgil going to help out old friend and fishing buddy Johnson Johnson.

But there's a criminal underbelly to Trippton and Virgil is soon up to his neck in DEA agents, rednecks and corrupt officials.

Takes place while Davenport is investigating the Black Hole murders.

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