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J Carson Black

Cyril Landry & Jolie Burke Thrillers Series

A Hard Man for a Hard World

Black Ops. Navy SEAL. The American elite. Cyril Landry is one of the few, the highly-trained, ex-military, men and women who earn (big) pay cheques at home and abroad doing things that the government would deny all knowledge of.

He's an expert killing machine who doesn't waste tears on his 'targets'. Yet somehow, somewhere in him is the belief that he is doing right. Serving a just master.

Really? In corporate-led America? When Landry suspects that he is literally being led astray, he takes quick, bloody action.

Jolie Burke is a straight tenacious cop. They become allies in a storm.

submitted by Ali Kayn

book cover, The Shop by J Carson Black; 90x136
The Shop, J Carson Black

The Shop

When an Aspen houseful of people, including a celebrity are killed, the lone survivor is the embedded reporter. He decides to investigate with a view to writing a book.

Cyril Landry has begun to distrust his security company masters and he decides to investigate, and, since he's that kind of a man, fix it.

Jolie Burke is the cop investigating the death of the local police chief when who is dragged into danger by her family. (Thomas & Mercer, 978-1612182698)

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book cover, Hard Return by J Carson Black; 220x329
Hard Return, J Carson Black

Hard Return

Cyril Landry is a dead man. The ex-Navy SEAL has gone off the grid to protect his wife and teenaged daughter. However, he can't help watching over them. He is watching his daughter from a surveillance van when an armed gunman starts shooting up the parking lot of her school. (Thomas & Mercer, 978-1477825136)

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book cover, Spectre Black by J Carson Black; 90x135
Spectre Black, J Carson Black

Spectre Black

Homicide detective Jolie Burke has been in some difficult situations. When she senses that she is in danger from people she knows, she calls the one man she trusts implicity - Cyril Landry (Thomas & Mercer, 978-1503947436)

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