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Mar-Apr, 2009

Another Cinderella Story movie review

Fairytale Revisited

Mary, a teenage orphan has inherited her mother's dance genes. She dreams of winning a scholarship to the Manhattan School of Dance and leaving behind her life as the unpaid servant of Dominique.

This is an unashamed fairy story, updated with the well-worn egomaniac pop singer Dominique as the cruel stepmother and her two girls as the evil style-, intellectual- and personality-challenged step sisters.

Mary's pumpkin is an orange rattletrap VW van, her macid-maker is her best friend and her prince charming is a renowned but burnt-out teen idol famed for his dance moves. He is looking for a girl to dance with in his new music video.

Movie Poster, Another Cinderella Story; Festivale film review

Movie Poster, Another Cinderella Story

Dominique: Mary, the twins are turning 16 next week.

Mary: Didn't they turn 16 last years?

Dominique: Yes, and they'll keep turning 16 until I tell them to stop."

In this info-age version, Mary drops her zoom (music player) at a masked ball and the prince faces lines of would-be dance partners in high school cafeteria, all of them trying to win his partnership by knowning the zoom playlist.

The modern cinderella must conquer her competition in love and on the dance floor. She challenges her prince in dance and she must overcome not by waiting to be found and chosen, but by practices and by beating her own personal devils.

Jane Lynch as Dominique and her movie daughters play their roles broadly without detracting for the inner reality of the film, and the whole production dances a fine line between satire, musical and pantomine.

Pay attention. Look at me. This is a treat for you.

The writ4ers pare no punches in their portrayal of the past-expiry-date pop diva and the greedy parents and hangers-on who vie for the lucrative role as manager to the young star.

Not having attended a U.S. high school, your reviewer can't know how accurate the high school bullying in Another Cinderella Story is, but it describes a high school existence that can't be productive of well-adjusted adults.

Another Cinderella Story is Cinderella meets Flashdance in the cellular age -- well paces and entertaining, and the natural-looking students make a wonderful change from the anorexic plastic movie babes with their chests pushed up to their chins.

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Positive, fun, an unassuming good time story.

Ali Kayn
Due for Australian release 4 September 2008
For credits and official site details, see below
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Just the facts:

Title: Another Cinderella Story (2008)
Written by: Erik Patterson (scr), Jessica Scott (scr)
Directed by: Damon Santostefano
running time:

The Players: Selena Gomez, Andrew Seeley, Jane Lynch,Jessica Parker Kennedy

Official website:

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