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A Reel Life film section

Issue: Spring 2003

Matrix Revolutions movie review

End Run

Continuing from MATRIX RELOADED, Neo and his partners must beat the Frenchman in order to free the human race and reveal reality. Meanwhile IRL Zion is under attack.

Tonight the future of both worlds will be in your hands. Or in his.

No surprise here, this second part of the MATRIX RELOADED/REVOLUTIONS two-parter is a long, loud, heavily-orchestrated, special effects-filled war movie.

Is that a bad thing?

Movie poster, Matrix Revolutions; Festivale film review

Movie poster, Matrix Revolutions; Festivale film review
Everything that has a beginning has an end.

Well, gentlebeings, this film is all the cliches that you would expect from a big budget blast-fest. Every time you think that the, er, writers, have exhausted all of the hackneyed lines they pull out another.

This reviewer took a novel to subsequent viewings of STAR WARS and sat in the foyer reading during the attack on the death star, so you know I'm going to zone out and make up tonight's shopping list in my head while the characters shout and bang through the defence of the human city.

Robots and explosions and blood, oh my.

It's a case of will you get over this bit of fighting so we can get to the over-long and porteneous faux philosophy.

Agent Smith: The purpose of all life is to end.

THE MATRIX was a fresh and new take on martial arts movies, with sometimes strained computing metaphors, but now it is ending with a really loud whimper. Ultimately whether you enjoy the film or not is more about whether you like war films than about whether you care about the characters. And that is an unsatisfying way to spend a couple of hours of your life.

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by Ali Kayn
Due for Australian release 5 November 2003
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Just the facts:

Title: Matrix Revolutions (2003)
Written by: The Wachowski Brothers
Directed by: The Wachowski Brothers
running time: 129 min

The Players: Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Mary Alice, Hugo Weaving

Official website:
IMDb entry

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