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Robert N. Stephenson

answers the Usual Questions

photograph, Robert N. Stephenson, courtesy of the author; 220x189

Robert N. Stephenson

Robert N. Stephenson is an Australian author and poet, and editor of Alistair Australia Books.

Has your interaction with fans, for example, at conventions, affected your work?

Interactions are usually kept low as I am very quiet, though I do endeavour to keep fans guessing as to what I am doing. The trick is to always be polite in return, even though many fans do not grasp the concept.

Is there any particular incident (a letter, a meeting, a comment that stands out?

A fan or two approached me in a bar and set to abusing me for the things I stand for as a human being, then soon after they gave me their minds worth they asked me to review their own works for possible inclusion in a collection I was editing. I said no, naturally, but they took offense at that and set to abusing me all over again.

Do you have a favourite author or book (or writer or film or series) that has influenced you or that you return to?

I would say my biggest influence was Isaac Asimov and all his Foundation Books and Robot books, they delivered a simplicity of story that allowed me to just enjoy. I have grown tired of the forced complexity of the modern writer and I have developed my own observations along a cleaner and more simplistic pattern. Whether it works or not is another thing, but it is how I write.

Who is the person you would most like to be trapped in a lift with? or a spaceship?

I will say Sandra Bullock, she is my favourite actor.

Who is the person you would most DISlike to be trapped in a lift with? Or a spaceship?

Probably Orson Scott Card... I can imagine being preached to continuously over the fact I believe in marriage equality and the right of gay persons.

What would you pack for space? (Is there a food, beverage, book, teddy bear, etc that you couldn't do without?)

Space is long, empty and dark. I would take my wife and my children, some Pepsi Max and a computer on which I could write. And if it could fit in the storage bay, my Saab 9000, so I could drive around on a planet for a bit.

What is the most important thing you would like to get/achieve from your work?

I have achieved many important things in my life and with my work thus far. I made some one cry with a short story, I won some awards and I am writing a novel for a film company (Lycanation - The First Queen), everything I do is a bonus in life and I am always attempting to be a bit better as writer and as a human being each and every day. There is no one thing left for me to achieve, other than to have led a good life with compassion.

What is the special satisfaction of your work?

Wonder - I live in a world of wonder and I think if that ever goes away I will just stop writing.

submitted by Robert N. Stephenson

20 July 2014

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Just the facts:
Born: Adelaide, South Australia, 17th September 1961 and from all accounts is was quite a nice day for all concerned.
Resides: Australia - while a nasty place at the moment, there is hope it will get better.
The Black Dog Award - 2006, The Wildfire Award 2003, Aurealis Award 2011. Have over 100 published short stories, and 4 books. In 2014 Life Light will be released by Satylite Publishing and in 2015 Lycanation The First Queen will be released by Redman Productions. I have spent 10 years as a literary agent, selling Fatty Legs by Christy Jordan Fenton in Canada to Annik Press, selling the Ashual Chronicles and Dreaming in Amber Series by Tony Shillitoe to Harper Voyager in Australia. (Retired as an agent). As a publisher I have released 24 titles, including works by Jack McDevitt, Sean Williams, David Brin, Tony Shillitoe, Kate Forsyth and many others. I have also edited magazine, Altair, Gothic Reign, and others.

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