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Issue: Autumn 2014

Raising Steam (2014) book review

More Fun from the King of Puns

Welcome back to the Disc World where magic, science and puns run rife.

Steam power has arrived on the disc -- Lord Vetinari is not overly pleased, but is willing to run with it, as long as someone else looks after it.

Enter Moist von Lipwig, who has successfully made the Royal Post work as well as the Royal Mint -- at Lord Vetinari's ... "suggestion" - this should be a doddle.

We then get to see the rise of the steam locomotive and the issues it brings to the various denizens of the Disc World and Ank-Morpork -- dwarfs, trolls, golems, vampires, and zombies, one in zombie in particular -- Mr Slant.

It is the usual rollicking yarn with a lot of action, a lot of puns and love !

book cover, Raising Steam, by Terry Pratchett; 220x337

Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett (2014), hc, Doubleday

It reads well, Terry Pratchett has lost none of his story telling skills and keeps you interested from page 1 through to the end.

There are a number of twists and turns, but like all of the Disc World novels, it can be read as a straight rollicking yarn but it also has some deeper undertones -- such as how to deal with change.

All in all, well worth the time to read -- looking forward to the next book by Terry Pratchett !

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Richard Hryckiewicz
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