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Issue: Winter 2014

Invisible (2014) book review

To Chase the Fire

Emmy Dockery is a research analyst in the F.B.I., or she would be if she wasn't on suspension.

She has been branded volatile and her belief that there is a serial killer operating across the United States, hiding his crimes with arson, is seen as obsessive. Only by calling on retired Special Agent Harrison "Books" Bookman can she get the Bureau to investigate.

What follows is a combination of inspiration and data mining as the team chase the unknown subject across state lines.

Patterson and Ellis are experienced tale-spinners. They manage the female point-of-view fairly well, although I don't know any grown women who describe themselves as 'girls'. Its kind of a bimbo thing, and Emmy is no bimbo.

book cover Invisible, by James Patterson & David Ellis; 220x342

Invisible by James Patterson & David Ellis (2014)

Emmy and Books are not 'kick-ass' agents, they solve their crime at some personal risk, but largely by solving the puzzle. The puzzle of the serial killer will keep you guessing, although I'm finished the book and I still have one of those, "Yes, but how?" questions.

Classic suspense/crime.

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Ali Kayn
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