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Issue: Winter 2014

Fractured Dream (June 2014) book review

Dream Destiny

Do you believe in fairy tale creatures? If you don't yet, you will by the time you finish reading Story's, well, story.

Story was an odd child. She had all of these "make believe" friends that she would visit in her sleep. One day, she started having terrible nightmares. And all of a sudden, there was nothing. Story was left with a feeling that she was forgetting something very important.

Story and her best childhood friend (a nature freak) as well as her BFF from college (a seer) were at Lake Sandeen where Story's uncle disappeared about 20 years prior. They were all in the water, after saving a drowning boy, and disappeared without a trace just as her uncle had.

book cover, Fractured Dream by K. M. Randall; 220x339

Fractured Dream by K.M. Randall (June 2014), kindle/pb, 430p, Booktrope

When they woke up from their journey to the in-between, Story and her friends began to learn of where they were and why, as well as where they would be going. Sandeen, the goddess that summoned the three to the in-between, sent Story to the Chamber of Dreams to recall all she had forgotten. When Story slept, she would enter another world, Tressla.

Now Tressla is in danger of being destroyed by Brink who plans to use Story's abilities to combine the real world and the fairy tale world. All fairy tales and fairy tale creatures would be lost forever. It is Story's destiny to save both worlds. Will she be able to believe in herself again in order to save both worlds from destruction?

Fractured Dream was a delight. There was some confusion at the beginning of the story, but it all panned out eventually. The author did a fantastic job of combining the real world characters with the in-between and Tressla. The story was so well written that it is easy to believe that these places actually truly exist. The book is very long, and very detailed. There is a back story to everything that is brought into the book, which helps to understand why things are occurring as they are.

Bliss, the Thumbelina is my favorite character. She is quite snarky and always giving the non-believing Adam grief over his inability to conceive the truth even when it's right in front of him.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that enjoys fairy tale creatures and humans living in the same worlds. I think the book will leaving you wishing for a part of Story's life in your own as it has me.

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by Toni Michelle
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