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Issue: Winter, 2014

Chasing Magic (2014) book review

Witches And Warlocks and an Ex Best Friend

"Score one for the chicken-shit witch and her trusty broom."

My first thought when I started to read Chasing Magic was that this book is way too short (only 70 pages) to be very good. Detail, description, to me, these things help make the book come to life. But, I was so wrong.

There were absolutely no gaps. I was immediately stuck in Anika's world of witches and warlocks and Tamra the spiteful ex best friend. Fae, imps, werewolves, they all make an appearance. Until Ginger (the fairy) joined the group, Faing (a dragon with special talents) was my favorite character.

book cover, Chasing Magic, by Gena D. Lutz; 220x334

Chasing Magic by Gena D. Lutz (June 2014), ebook, 70p, Crimson Moon, RRP US$3.99

There are continuous surprises and shocking revelations. Bound to a demon, will Anika be able to stop the darkness unleashed by Tamra? Will she pass her final test and be a practicing witch without the supervision of the coven?

Chasing Magic has it all. Gena D. Lutz has created an outrageously exciting world. I can't wait to read more of Anika's story. I would definitely recommend this amazing book to all fantasy lovers.

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by Toni Michelle
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