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The Bookroom: Something to Read also news for booklovers.

The Usual Questions: Wayne Lemmons answers The Usual Questions

Computers & Technology

Op Ed: Banned by YouTube

Featured Article: Your Information on Your Device - Sharing Across Devices Using Google Apps (Richard Hryckiewicz and Ali Kayn) (reviews for em Client and Mailbird Pro)

Reviews: em Client v 6; Mailbird Pro; NoteTab Pro v 7.2


Commentary and News Our Industry, Our Heritage, Our Voices: Australian Film Assets Sold to Pay For Two U.S. Blockbusters (Annie McLoughlin) Film Releases, Film Festivals.

Current release reviews: The Daughter; A Bigger Splash; Hail Caesar!; Pride and Prejudice and Zombies; Little Dead Rotting Hood; Zoolander 2; Concussion

DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital: Absolutely Anything

First Looks: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2; 100 Years: The Movie That You Will Never See; Ghostbusters 3: Girls vs Ghouls; Kubo and the Two Strings;

Updated Coming Attractions, Australian release dates for movies, and major film festival dates.

Movies in the News Reel Life movie supplement updated.

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