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About Festivale

Festivale online magazine has several basic sections:

  • A Reel Life: the Film Section;
  • The Bookroom: the Book Section;
  • Technology Bytes: the Technology Section;
  • Pictorial Guidebook: the Pictorial Guide to Melbourne and Victoria;
  • The Online Shopping Mall; and
  • Featured Stories.

    To see the contents of the current issue of Festivale, click on the Contents button, or the word "contents" on any clickable heading. If you are not familiar with clickable images, use your mouse to move the pointer over the image above. Note how the pointer changes shape over some parts of the image, those are 'hot spots' which, if you click on them, will transfer you to another part of the current page, the current site, or even to another site.

    Cover Stories

    To see all previous Festivale featured stories, use our yellow search boxes, they appear all over the site.

    Once you've looked around the site a bit, you'll probably just want to know what's changed. The change history has a list of upload dates, each with links to the major pages changed on Festivale that day. To get to this page from elsewhere in the site, click on the what's new button (see left), or the words "latest uploads" when they appear in a clickable heading.

    You can register the page and be notified of each upload date. Several pages on the site have these buttons, including the list of film reviews, and pages that we expect to change in the future.

    We welcome constructive comments about the content of the site, and most pages have an e-mail button (see left) or textual link. Book and film reviews have buttons that link to reader comment forms. If you find an error on a page, please let us know by clicking on the bug report and completing the form. For sites as large as Festivale (over 400 files) it is impossible to test everything, so your help is appreciated.

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    The Pictorial Guide and Maps

    Pictorial Guide to Melbourne and Victoria

    The guide is slowly growing as we visit various places of interest. We are starting from Melbourne and working our way out.

    The pictorial guide includes:

  • A series of clickable maps, many of which have links to other parts of Festivale and to other websites that may be of interest. Try zooming out and in to get an idea of where the subject lies. As a general rule, zooming in takes you to progressively more particular maps until you end with an information page. Many maps have 'hot spots', usually any items of interest are listed under the map as well. When a related map or item of interest is underlined, clicking will either take you to an information page, another map, or display an image. Click on your back button to return.
    There is an index of all maps on the site.

  • Illustrated entries for public park and gardens, historical sites, museums, etc. There are lists, many with instructions on how to get to the places by public transport.
    The master list is the front of the Pictorial Guide

  • Cover stories are often photostories which follow a theme, for example, Melbourne at Night, and a great if you just want to look at photos. Cover stories of this kind are listed in the Pictorial Guide. All cover stories, including interviews are listed in the features index. Click on the index button from any page to get to that index, or to select a specialised index such as book reviews.

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    Film Section

    The film section includes:

  • A regular column, A Reel Life.
  • A database of Australian release dates (Coming Attractions) is updated regularly, and links to current information or reviews on the site are added almost every week.
  • We review most films that are released in Melbourne, usually by two people. Once you get to know a reviewer, you can often judge whether or not you will enjoy a film. Sometimes a reviewer who always has the opposite opinion to your own can be the most useful.
  • Prior to a review going up, we often put up the review page with such information as we have, for example, crew and cast credits and the official website, if known.
  • Links to movie sites, including Australian cinema sites.
  • Buy films, posters, and related books from a range of well-known stores in the online shopping mall

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    Online Shopping Mall

    Looking for places to shop online? The online shopping mall is a great place to start. The mall includes a stores page, which has entrances to all the online stores in the mall.

    The books page has entrances for stores that sell books, plus links to interviews, reviews, and our author pages.

    The movies page has entrances for stores that sell videos, DVDs and soundtrack CDs, plus links to interviews and reviews. Festivale has links directly to online stores from our reviews pages.

    The online stores also sell toys, electronic goodies like cameras, furniture and much more.

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    Book Section

    The book section includes a cover page called the Bookroom. An automatic transfer page sends you to the latest version. Use the contents button to leave the section. Some users may need to double-click on their back button to prevent being returned to the Bookroom page.

  • Also in the book section are book reviews; and
  • A regular column by Australian fiction writer Sally Odgers called Sally's Reading Corner.
  • Buy films, posters, and related books from a range of well-known stores in the online shopping mall

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    Technology Bytes

    News and reviews, articles about computers and the web

    The Usual Questions

    An interview project where we ask the same questions of film-makers, authors, and other celebrities.
    See the list of people interviewed.

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    Free Stuff

    We regularly change the following:

  • A wallpaper image, with various versions.
  • A screen saver (discontinued)

    Other snapshots of Festivale include:

  • the old tour
  • textual site map

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