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Festivale Spring 1996
(Reviews Jan, 1996)

The Ghost and the Darkness

Once again Michael Douglas (Remington) dons his battered macho-man hat, grabs his trusty rifle and prepares to ride in from the sunset.

This time, however, his sidekick is not a lovely and talented Kathleen Turner in Italian shoes, but Val Kilmer in khaki and an odd accent.

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Yes, another "based on a true story". This one a tale of two lions who formed an unusual and deadly partnership, killing scores of men as they struggled to build a civilizing railroad through the African hinterland.
Movie still, Val Kilmer in The Ghost and the Darkness, Festivale film review; ghost1.jpg - 23323 BytesJohn Patterson (Val Kilmer) is an engineer who has loved Africa from afar. He brings to it paper-learned knowledge, bridge-building experience, and marksmanship.

If he fails to build his bridge on time, his boss will have his balls. So his manhood is at stake on many levels. He must kill the lions to prove himself as a leader to the men, Africans and Indians, who work on the railroad. He must kill the lions because, deep down, he feels that he is the magnet that calls the killers.

Douglas' character brings arcane learning, African tribesmen, and the reputation of a man who has failed and succeeded until he is the best. The two men pit experience and scholarship against raw, bleeding, inexorable death. The death of the bible-bashing doctor proves that religion is not enough to defeat nature. Their struggle sets Africa on fire and gave birth to a legend.

But, maybe it's more of a guy thing.

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Just the Facts:

Title: The Ghost and the Darkness
Written by:
William Goldman
Directed by: Stephen Hopkins
Produced by: Michael Douglas, Grant Hill
Edited by: Robert Brown II, Steve Mirkovich
Director of Photography: Vilmos Zsigmond
running time: 109 mins

The Players: Michael Douglas, Val Kilmer

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