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Summer 1997
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Harriet the Spy
Idiot Box
The Frighteners
Grace of My Heart
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Missing the Hits

It's been a busy time, looking at the films for the summer season. With the price of theatre tickets these days it's especially difficult to decide just which movies to go and see.

One advantage of reviewing films (sorry, I use the terms interchangeably) is that one sees films that otherwise might be missed. A good example of this was hype! which I enjoyed so much that I went twice. If you miss this one at the theatres, get it from the video store.

Hype! still

Idiot Box movie still

Idiot box movie still

Idiot Box is another film I would have missed. Like Mr Reliable it is a larrikan-Australian film. Maybe somewhere between Strictly Ballroom and Idiot Box is the Australia that we would all like the rest of the world to see. Mr Reliable was based on a true story and seemed too bizarre for colour TV, whereas Idiot Box felt true. I can't remember the last time I sat in an audience and heard them recognising the truth of it so completely.

Strangely enough, I recommend the latter especially as a "date" film. You may not laugh at the same places, but there is something special about a book or film that reflects your own life and the places you have been and the people you may have met (or been).

- by Ali Kayn

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