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Festivale Summer 1996-7
Idiot Box movie review, Jan., 1996

Idiots in Boxes, a poem of suburban rage

Cut to TV.
On the dole in the western suburbs
Poems don't rhyme
You mad bastard.
Cut to TV.

Blokes and bitches.
The only thing shorter than foreplay
Is the actual sex.
Cut to TV.

We go in.
We take the money
And then we piss off.

Cut to TV.

Long-necks. Stubbies.
Slack bastards. Dole bludgers
I like to be angry, that's why -
I enjoy it.

Cut to TV.

Movie still, Idiot Box, Festivale film reviews section A Reel Life

Movie Still, Idiot Box, Festivale film reviews

Movie Still, Idiot Box, Festivale film reviews So just what is the Idiot Box? The TV, or the soul-less suburban houses they watch it in?

This film is only a black comedy if life is a black comedy. Wasn't it Arthur Miller who said, When the truth is being spoken by an actor, the audience responds with a resounding 'Yes!'.


The audience that watched this film was filled with those embarassed giggles men make when real sex is mentioned, when they get caught in a room with the truth. No matter who you are, or where you live, some part of this film is about your own life. Or at the very least the life of the people you deal with every day.

There are many parts of this film that seem uneven, places where the moments were stilted or forced. These were mainly in the world outside our protagonists. The police had a cardboard feel to them, as if the film-makers didn't know whether to camp them up or not.

Remember the saying, Be careful what you wish for, for you will surely get it? This film is about getting what you want.

Your wake up call is here. Go see it.

Movie Poster, Idiot Box, Festivale film reviews
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Just the Facts:

Title: Idiot Box
Written by: David Caesar
Directed by: David Caesar
Produced by: Glenys Rowe
MA 85 mins

The Players: Ben Mendelsohn, Jeremy Sims, John Polson, Graeme Blundell, Deborah Kennedy, Robyn Loau

Commences 20 February, 1997

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