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National Sports Museum

Melbourne Cricket Grounds

The National Sports Museum is operated by the Melbourne Cricket Club.

"Sport speaks a universal language in this country -- we are a nation of players and enthusiasts. The new National Sports Museum will tell the Australian sporting story -- from its early beginnings to the present day -- and will offer all Australians the opportunity to celebrate the heroes, the moments and achievements of our rich sporting culture." - The Hon. Kevin Rudd MP, Prime Minister of Australia (2008)

The National Sports Museum isn't limited to the sports played at the MCG, but included a range of sporting subjects, Australian football, basketball, boxing, cricket (including the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame), cycling, golf, hockey, netball, Olympic and Paralympic Games, rugby union, rugby league, soccer and tennis.

It also tells the MCG story, featuring the Sport Australia Hall of Fame and includes an extensive interactive area.

Just the facts:

For contact information and opening hours, see the web site. Visit Victoria
Getting there:

Melbourne Cricket Ground, on Brunton Avenue in Richmond (Yarra Park)
75 (City-Vermont South) and 48 (City-North Balwyn)to MCG near Jolimont Station, through Yarra Park to Gate 3.
70 (City-Wattle Park) along Swan Street, across the footbridge to Gate 3.
Train to Jolimont station and walk through Yarra Park.

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