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Enterprize Park

Enterprize Landing Memorial.

This small riverside park is named after after the schooner of the same name. The park lies on the reclaimed land of what was once the turning basin for shipping.

The park under and between next to Queen's Bridge.

A 20m flagpole is part of a permanent monument marking Melbourne Foundation Day, the day Melbourne was settled by Europeans in 1835. It is one of two places the City of Melbourne flag can be seen -- the other is atop Melbourne Town Hall.
Enterprize Park, Melbourne; photo (c) Ali Kayn 2009

Enterprize Park, Melbourne; photo (c) Ali Kayn 2009

Five statues reminiscent of ship's figures staring out accross the Yarra River.

The Birthday of European Settlement

Melbourne was founded on Sunday, August 30, 1835, by the settlers who arrived the previous day on the schooner Enterprize. Although the government objected to the colony of would-be sheep graziers they could not be stopped. They landed on the north bank of the Yarra River, close to where the Immigration Museum stands today, the site of Enterprize Park. Before the river was modified to its present form a small waterfall, or rapids, stopped further progress up the river. The waterfall also separated the tidal movement from fresh water at that site.

Today sea water travels upriver past to the inner suburbs.

Enterprize Park on the Yarra River seen from outside Melbourne Aquarium; photo (c) Ali Kayn 2005

Enterprize Park on the Yarra River seen from outside Melbourne Aquarium; photo (c) Ali Kayn 2005

Rewriting History

The council has also sought to rectify historical discrepancies in monuments across the city.

A John Batman memorial that stood on the footpath outside the Old Customs House (Immigration Museum) in Flinders St and carried the often-misquoted words "this will be the place for a village" was one of the first to go.

Yarra Falls information sign, Enterprize Park; photo (c) Ali Kayn 2005

Yarra Falls information sign, Enterprize Park; photo (c) Ali Kayn 2005
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Just the facts:

Contact: City of Melbourne Parks and Recreation
Reproduction Enterprize Schooner project
Melbourne Foundation Day official site
Visit Victoria
Getting there: Enterprize Park is next to the Melbourne Aquarium on Flinders Street, both of which are on the City Circle tram route. Take any tram along Flinders Street and step off at Williams Street, or walk from Southern Cross (Spencer Street) Station or Flinders Street station.
Enterprize Park is across the river from the Crown Casino, and opposite the Immigration Museum.