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Festivale online magazine, May-June, 1998
Anastasia Film review

The first animated film from 20th Century Fox. Was she really a descendant of the Russian Royal family? One of the great mysteries of this century.

The lost princess of the last Czar of the Russia and the Imperial Romonoff family. This new story of 'Anastasia' now has been given a fairy tale make over. Not by Disney, but by 20th Century Fox.

This latter-day fairytale is based loosely on the Anastasia story, her family. And her disappearance. As history itself has not definitely reviled, if Anastasia, did survive or not. The remaining story becomes a modern day fairy tale, and suggests what could/should of happen. It is truly a romantic's vision of things.

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The story begins at a great ball, were her grandmother, the Dowager Empress Marie (accented voice of Angela Lansbury), gives Anastasia (voice of Meg Ryan). A vital key to her past. And commanding and evil entrance of a villain, Rasputin (voice of Chistoper Lloyd), a man who has sold his sole to destroy the Romanovs family. Then, comes the 'revolution', and the destruction of the Romanovs and the escape of Marie and lost of Anastasia.

After and time lost in a orphanage the amnesia-affected 'Anya' meets up with a little floppy eared puppy 'Pooka' travels to St Petersburg. Here she runs in to Dimitri (voice of John Cusack) and Vladimir (voice of Kelsey Grammer). Who plan to take her to Paris to pass her off as the lost princess Anastasia. So begins a fairy tale, a strange chase across Europe, a dynamic fight with the evil Rasputin and a love story from the past.

What can you say it seems to be a story that ever girl will want to be part of these school holidays, with enough entertainment in the gruesome antics and violent special effects of Rasputin, and his paranoid, long suffering companion, Bartok (voice of Hank Azaria) the anemic bat.

The film has been put together extremely well. It really is a great movie for those young, young at heart and for those romantics. The colour fantastic the screening realistic. This is 20th Century Fox first animated full-length movie, hopefully not the last.

Alex's view

A good movie for, most ages, because it is historical film that shows that happened to the princess and her grandma, at the beginning of the Russian revaluation. It also good because the princess falls in love the kitchen boy. In a time when princess are not souse to fall in love with kitchen boys. It has got all of type of drama that you could want in a film, funny, boring, scary, yucky loving parts all the way through it. There is a part in it for everybody, and a good day out at the pictures, but I think he younger children will like it more than the older children.

My score 9/10 (it lost a point because there was a kissing bits in it)

Tara's View I liked the little white bat and loved the dog. When Anastasia and Dimitri tried to kiss the dog wouldn't let them. It was very colourful. I learnt about some history from another country.

It was really good, I gave it 10/10

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Just the facts:

Title: Anastasia (1997)
Written by: Based on the play by Marcelle Maurette
and the play adaptation by Guy Bolton
and the 1956 screenplay by Arthur Laurents
Susan Gauthier & Bruce Graham and Bob Tzudiker & Noni White
Animation adaptation by Eric Tuchman
Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
Directed by: Don Bluth, Gary Goldman
Produced by: Don Bluth, Maureen Donley, Gary Goldman
Edited by: Fiona Trayler 
Director of Photography:

The Players: Voices of Meg Ryan, John Cusack, Kelsey Grammer, Bernadette Peters, Angela Lansbury
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