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Festivale online magazine, April, 1998
Blues Brothers 2000 movie review
Blue Blues

Sequels to classic films tend to fall into one of two categories: something totally different that alienates the fans of the first, or something that looks exactly the same and makes you wonder why they didn't just re-release the original. Blues Brothers 2000 falls into the second category.

Movie still, Blues Brothers 2000, Festivale film review

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Set 18 years after the original, its plot is pretty familiar. Released from prison at last, Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) decides to get the band back together and play a few cross-country gigs. Along the way, he acquires three new hat-and-sunglasses sidekicks, a Belushi-like John Goodman, a kid and a black guy who joins in an unexpected way.

The crazy nun from the first film is there, along with the neo-Nazis and vast numbers of police chasing them across the countryside. A few gestures have been made to bring it up-to-date - the addition of a group of Russian mafia for a start - but it really isn't very different.

Bo Didley, movie still, Blues Brothers 2000, Festivale movie review
Bo Didley

Erykah, Blues Brothers 2000, Blues Brothers 2000 movie review

One of the few distinct elements of this film is the prominent role of supernatural powers. There are transformations and real magic in the person of the Louisiana witch who hosts the final big concert. Somehow this felt out-of-place to me, making the film more of a fantasy than the original.

This would be OK perhaps if Blues Brothers 2000 had the same manic energy of its predecessor. Unfortunately, it looks tired and formulaic. There are a host of guest appearances by famous musicians, but it does have that feel of a movie that is was more fun for the actors to make than the audience to see.

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Tim Richards

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