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Festivale online magazine, April, 1998
For Richer or Poorer movie review
For Richer or Poorer

What we like to see (Hollywood thinks) is that the really, really, rich are really, really unhappy. We also like to see (Hollywood thinks) the really, really rich finding out how the other 97% live. Remember Maid to Order? "Some maids deserve to be princesses, some princesses deserve to be maids".

And so we have everyone from Joan Rivers to Dolly Parton ruining their facials in the kitchen and facing down the winsome glances of rug rats. In For Richer or Poorer, Tim Allen and Kirstie Alley face leave behind charge cards, air kissing and executive toys when fleeing from accountant-induced tax fraud charges. Didn’t Moonlighting start with that?

Movie Poster image, For Richer or Poorer, Festivale movie review

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Although there is nothing new in the scenario, rich people find real life and real love in the real kindness of strangers/simple folk and simple blessings, the great tax evasion chase scene is possibly the high point of the film. Our hero is by a series of coincidences and civil servant over-reactions fleeing from a gun-toting IRS legend in a stolen taxi. As the scene builds, encountering his wife is ‘just perfect’, the timing and development is so good, that worse and worse and more and more unbelievable is, frankly, absolutely credible and inevitable. This is hard to write, so the scripters should be congratulated.

Movie still, Kirstie Alley in For Richer or Poorer, Festivale movie review

If you have never smelled a mud-floored pig pen, you can't appreciate the courage it took for Kirstie Alley to appear in this scene from For Richer or Poorer

Some of the subsequent learning-to-be-Amish scenes are a bit wince-worthy, but when you have two really physical comedians, slapstick evocation is to be expected.

Ultimately the clash of cultures ends with the Amish learning from the Sextons and the Sextons learning from the Amish.

Whether you enjoy this film or not depends on how broad you like your comedy, and how heavily underscored you like your lessons.

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Title: For Richer or Poorer (1998)
Written by: Jana Howington & Steve Lukanic
Directed by: Bryan Spicer
Produced by: Richard Baker, Rick Messina, Gayle Fraser Baigelman
Edited by: Russell Denove
Director of Photography: Buzz Feitshans IV

The Players: Kirstie Alley, Tim Alley
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