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Festivale online magazine, March, 1998
Home Alone 3 movie review
Movie Poster, Home Alone 3 (Festivale film review) Home Alone 3

The plot:
A top secret computer chip has been stolen from the US Defence Department. The international criminals who expertly and ruthlessly engineered its heist are asking for untold millions of dollars on the black market.

But the precious booty, hidden inside a toy car, has been temporarily misplaced. Its final destination: a comfortable Chicago suburb. Quietly taking up residence in the tree-lined neighbourhood, the four highly trained spies marshal all their diabolical resources and skills to retrieve the device. Their state-of-the-art surveillance and ruthless strategy have foiled Interpol, the FBI, US Defence agents and the local police.

Only one person can stop this high-tech gang of black marketers. Meet eight-year-old Alex Pruitt. When this pesky team of bad guys invade his neighbourhood, he's the last and only line of defence. Alex has his own special surveillance tools. He has his own carefully mapped out strategy. He has courage. He has the chicken pox. And he's 'home alone'.

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Dad says: The film stars eight-year-old Alex D. Linz as Alex Pruitt, a crafty youngster who defends his house and neighbourhood from the mysterious new neighbours. His family include Haviland Morris as his fretful mother Karen, Kevin Kilner as the Pruitt patriarch (when at home), Jack, and Seth Smith and Scarlett Johansson portray Alex's quarrelsome, stuck-up older siblings, Stan and Molly.

John Hughes (writer/producer) and Raja Gosnell (director) have managed to write and put together a film that has successfully lived up to the rest of the films in the series, something a lot of sequels have not achieved.

This film has been rated PG, the slapstick violence throughout the film probably warranted it, but the target audience was the younger set (under 10-ish). The film was a bit boring for me, but my two children enjoyed it to its fullest. Hey, it was fun to watch Alex with his traps and appliances held together with chewing gam and gaffer tape, going to battle against four of the most up-to-date techno-crooks of the day, and win. The scary thing about the whole thing is Alex is only eight, imagine what he would be like at ten, or if all urban eight-year-olds were like him. The streets would no longer be safe for anything.

Tara says: You'll like the parrot and the rat. In this film a boy found a computer chip and these bad guys were trying to steal it back from him. The bad guys find out where he lives and they try to steal it from him. Alex is left alone and sets up traps to stop the bad guys. They break in, but cannot break out. The best parts were when the parrot was talking on the phone, and when he was singing in the shower. It was a good, funny film that I would go and see again, although some of the film was a little young for me, while other parts were a bit old for me. Home Alone scores 9/10 on the bratty Tara scale.

Alex says:

I enjoyed this movie. It was about a boy who has the chicken pox and has to stay home from school. His mum had to go to walk all the time. Twice when she left he rang the police because he saw robbers in the neighbour's houses. These robbers were spies who were looking for their microchip, which they had put into a remote controlled car. When they came to his house, he put up traps. The bad guys were three men and a lady.

The best bit in the movie was when Alex's pet rat climbed up into the crotch of the man's pants and the lady tied to hit the rat with a pole, missed the rat and got the bad guy. This is a really good film, but it is a really young film for a kid a bit younger than me. It scores 9/10 on the good, young Alex scale.

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Just the facts:

Title: Home Alone (1998)
Written by: John Hughes
Directed by: Raja Gosnell
Produced by: John Hughes, Hilton Green, Ricardo Mestres (exec)
Edited by: Bruce Green, Malcolm Campbell, David Rennie
Director of Photography: Julio Macat

The Players: Alex D. Linz, Olek Krupa, Rya Kihlstedt, David Thronton
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