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Festivale Spring 1997

I Went Down

Peter McDonald as Git Hynes in I Went Down
Peter McDonald as Git Hynes in I Went Down
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I had a long think about this film, and why I disliked it when others were so enthusiastic.

Maybe it's because I've met so-called lovable villains in my life. I've heard their borrowed philosophy, and experienced the spinning sensation that comes from constant untruths and reality-reinvention.

This is an Irish bad-guy-buddy film. The 'hero' is the kind of man who lies under oath and goes to prison to save his unworthy father from dying there.

Sorry, people, but I think society is better served by the BAD GUYS going to prison, and I have the greatest disdain for people who cover the crimes of people they are related to. So I have no sympathy for the 'hero' who once again has himself embroiled with the 'bad guys' because his choice of friends is lousy. Well, if you befriend a crook and thief, and accept their crimes then I guess your own moral fibre must be pretty damn weak, and you bring it on yourself if you end up in the middle of a gun battle. So why be surprised when he bonds with the slimy creep with whom he shares his road trip?

In short, a 'how I learned to love my gun' movie.

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See also: Terry's review for cast and crew credits.

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