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Festivale Spring 1997
Nothing to Lose

When the man with the perfect life, the happy marriage, the successful career, everything, in fact, discovers his wife is cheating on him, with his BOSS, what's he to do?

After all, he has Nothing to Lose

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So first of all he goes driving at 14 mph along the freeway, straight into the ghettos where a 'nasty black man' sticks a gun at his temple. This time it's the victim who says, "Go ahead, make my day", or in this case, "Boy did you pick the wrong man". And off he goes, pedal to the metal, wallet flung out the window in disdain, driving like a madman, scaring his attacker three-quarters to death, until finally they end up in the desert.

It's a Hollywood male-bonding thing, boy meets boy, boy fights with boy, boys travel, boys take to crime, boys live happily every after.

It's a funny enough film, call it a comedy. It's a film for you to sit back and relax without taxing your brain too much.

by Ali Kayn

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Just the facts:

Title: Nothing to Lose
Written by: Steve Oedekerk
Directed by: Steve Oedekerk running time: 98 mins
rating: M

Website: www.nothingtolose.com (Beuna Vista)
The Players: Tim Robbins, Martin Lawrence, Kelly Preston
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