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November, 1996
Reviews this issue:
Star Trek First Contact
Dark Times in Darkened Theatres

This time of year is busy for reviewers. We have the Christmas titles, and the school holidays. It's the time when people either doubt their ability to see every film that catches their fancy, or not, if the production companies miscalculate.

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So what is there out there this year? Another Star Trek title, one Christmas title (Jingle all the Way with Arnold Swarznegger) some Disney. Interestingly enough Disney seems to be creating "live action" versions of cartoons (101 Dalmatians and Pinocchio) and animated versions of previous live action films. Are they running out of ideas? Or just not hiring writers to think up new stories for them? Or do they think we won't notice? Or is it fear of losing dollars?

Look at the recent films: Mr Reliable - the 'true story' of Mellish, Sleepers - a debunked 'true story' of child abuse in the penal system, hype! -- the 'true story' of the untrue stories about Grunge music.

It is difficult to come up with a new idea, or a new twist on an old idea. Alfred Hitchcock once said the drama is life with the dull bits cut out. So now here we are presented with soap operas and action films which present life without dull bits. No wonder the audience is filled with avarice and dissatisfaction.

What I miss in the films I see is catharsis - that feeling of being cleansed by having experienced a tremendous insight through suffering with the protagonist. What I would like to see is a film that is so extraordinary in its ideas, so involving in its issues that I come out of that dark theatre and want to kiss the sunlit carpet in gratitude that I have come through the experience.

… Ali Kayn

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