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Festivale Contributor's Profile

Paul M. Feeney

Paul has submitted articles and reviews to Festivale.

Paul M. Feeney lives in the North East of England and has always been heavily into horror and dark, fantastical stories. Since 2010, he has turned his hand to his own writing and has had some small success.

His first published short story, The Weight Of The Ocean, was re-leased by Phrenic Press in 2015 as a Kindle only to favourable reviews. To date he has had a few more short stories accepted by small publishers such as April Moon Books and Sirens Call for anthologies both forthcoming and currently available, and had his first novella, The Last Bus, released through Crowded Quarantine Publications in a limited signed and numbered paperback run in the middle of 2015. Of the 250 copies of this, only about 20 currently remain.

He has also recently completed his second novella, Kids, which will be published by Dark Minds Press in the middle of 2016, as part of their new novella series. He continues to turn out short stories at a snail's pace, while planning more novellas and contemplating the dreaded first novel.

You can find him on Facebook, where he might not always accept a friend request, but is happy for people to follow.

Blog: paulmfeeney.wordpress.com/

Amazon UK author page

Amazon US author page

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