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The Gardens of Melbourne (contd) …

So where do you start? You could start from the centre and work outwards, the Melbourne city centre has several gardens within walking distance. All of these are quite formal. Flagstaff gardens has had a chequered history, being an important navigation site, an observatory which served the magnetic survey of the Colony, and a pioneer burial site. It features on the 'Another View Walking Trail'.
In the suburbs, grassy reserves abound, together with some more elaborate landscapes. You could quarter the city, checking out the historic sites and gardens.

Some of the old, established gardens like Fawkner Park are peaceful havens from the city bustle.

Fawkner Park (c) Ali Kayn 1996
Fawkner Park, South Yarra
© Ali Kayn 1996


Priscilla the peacock (click him)

Or you could begin in the nearby Dandenong Ranges, large gardens such as the National Rhododendron Gardens were built by artists and others, and many of these estates are now cared for by the Melbourne Parks and Waterways people.
Their responsibilities include parks around reservoirs and weirs, Albert Park, and Petty's Orchard.
Rhododendron Gardens (c) Richard Hryckiewicz 1996

Rhododendron Gardens
photo: Richard Hryckiewicz
One of the services Festivale provides is a developing database of places to visit in Melbourne and Victoria. If you visit a great public place, why not share it with the rest of us? Rosella

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