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June, 1997
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Sad news for science fiction fans
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Fall of Angels;

Writer George Turner (Miles Franklin winner and the grand old man of Australian sf) died on Sunday 8th June, 8pm. He had suffered a massive stroke on Thursday and did not regain consciousness.

A Bertram Chandler and George Turner

A. Bertram Chandler and George Turner

C. J. Cherryh answers
the usual questions
This was not George's first stroke, and he made an almost complete recovery going as far as to join toastmasters to help improve his speech.

He continued to write and meet with fans and encourage writers such as Lucy Sussex who says, "He was unfailingly courteous and kind to younger writers and many people will miss him greatly."

Recently I asked George what was the greatest joy in his career, and he told me that it was watching the development of upcoming writers such as Leanne Frahms. These are people who had the benefit of his experience and advice.

We are all poorer for this loss, and it is our great good fortune that his legacy -- a considerable body of non-fiction and fiction -- is shared among us all.

David Gerrold answers the usual questions Judith Raphael Buckrich has written an authorised biography of George, however it is not scheduled for publication for some time. She has promised us an article on George and his work when time permits.

George was the proposed co-guest of honour for the 1999 World Science Fiction convention in Australia.

… Ali Kayn, Melbourne, Australia, 9-Jun-97
4th Annual Scarlet Stilletto Awards open
Stiletto award Dr Sue Turnbull has announced the opening of Sisters in Crime's 4th Scarlet Stiletto Award for women's crime and mystery writing.

"Australian women's crime writing has finally come of age," Dr Turnbull said. "However, many Australian publishers have yet to recognise this fact. It is still terribly difficult for women crime writers to get published in this country and most cannot live off their writing."

The competition is open to women resident in Australia and closes on 30 September 1997. Entry forms can be obtained from Sisters in Crime, GPO Box 9994, Melbourne Victoria 3001.

Last year's winners were reported in the March Bookroom.

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