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Earthly Delights
book cover, Earthly Delights by Kerry Greenwood, Festivale book review; 148x220
Earthly Delights
Welcome to Kerry Greenwood's new series.

Corinna Chapman is a baker with generous proportions and a generous soul. She lives above her bakery in an idiosyncratic building filled with fascinating inhabitants on Melbourne's Flinders Lane.

Her early morning rituals are interrupted with an unconscious junkie who required CPR. Before she knows it, she has an unofficial apprentice who returns each morning to help out and be fed copious amounts of food.

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More delightful is Daniel, the mysterious man who helps out with the overnight food truck for Melbourne's homeless, and with whom Corinna must solve the mysteries that surround her.

There are poison pen letters, a nasty graffiti artist, an increase in heroin overdoses, and vampires.

All this is told with Greenwood's usual flair for detail. Her characters are well-drawn and often fun and fascinating to know. Insula, the apartment building is a wonderous place where we would love to live, as of course is Greenwood's particular vision of Melbourne.

It makes for the promising start to a new relucant investigator with whom we hope to have many adventures.

by Ali Kayn

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