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Issue: Spring 2015

007 Spectre (2015) movie review

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Repeat

movie poster, 007 spectre, Festivale film review; 220x326

Movie poster, 007 Spectre

Chase, shoot, sex.

It's James Bond time again. Special effects abound and character-driven plotting is left in the garage. It is extraordinary that this franchise is still going. It must satisfy some group or the other.

To your reviewer James Bond has been a man with a dirty job, ruthless, but charming, debonair and with a naughty sense of humour. James Bond always had a style, and never took itself too seriously. 007 Spectre is not that.

Spectre is Bond Dark. Craig is dead-faced, humourless and a bit average. Those might be good qualities for a real-life agent, but he's not a movie hero.

As for the story, someone wrote down a list of cliched plot points and strung them together between action scenes. With all the money the producers spend on making the Bond films, and with all the built-in publicity they have, it's a pity that they don't try to do something more compelling.

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by Ali Kayn
Australian release 12 November 2015
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Just the facts:

Title: 007 Spectre (2015)
Written by: John Logan (screenplay) and Neal Purvis (screenplay) & Robert Wade (screenplay) and Jez Butterworth (screenplay)
Directed by: Sam Mendes
Running time: 148 mins
Rating: M

The Players: Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux, Ralph Fiennes, Monica Bellucci

Official website:
IMDb entry

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