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May, 2000

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Film: It's just like real life only not

Check out the end credits these days, and likely as not, there'll be someone listed as appearing as himself or herself.

Although occasionally these appearances can be amusing (the best was Connie Chung appearing in TV's Murphy Brown to decry the cheapness of celebrities who appear as themselves), they can confuse those whose grip on the line between reality and reel life is already tenuous.

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This weekend I watched Contact again. There was Clinton, on screen, and for no real reason. It dates the film, and for those of us who aren't exactly pro-slut, there was an instant reaction against any scene in which he appears.

The Hurricane has an extensive list of people playing themselves, does it add to the film, or is it just another variation of the dreaded BOTS (based on a true story ). After all, Hollywood has never let the facts interfere with a 'good' story line, so why the hell are they suddenly so desperate to pepper the reel world with faux realism?

What's your view ? What is the best or worst example of someone playing themselves in a film?

by Ali Kayn
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