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June 2016

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Alpine National Park
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Snow Your Own Way

Alpine National Park, Victoria

A Tale of Two Smartphones

Samsung J1 and Sony Xperia M5

Monsters and Good Thoughts

The Art of Enjoy Su (Pei Chia Su)


Australian Protest Music Videos

Local Music, Worldwide Issues


Whale Watching in Australia

Follow the NSW Whale Trail this Winter


Capturing the Cosmos

Preview of the new show at the Melbourne Planetarium


Singularity au Go-Go

Artificial Intelligence in SF Movies


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Festivale is an arts and entertainment magazine created in Melbourne, Australia

Festivale contains movie reviews clickable maps of Melbourne and Victoria, information about release dates for upcoming movies (films), book reviews, a pictorial guide to Melbourne and Victoria, Australia with maps. Australian also called Aussies, (from Oz). Keywords include: Ozzie film movie links film sites movie sites film reviews movie reviews links.

Festivale online magazine aims to encourage local and international artists and writers and raise interest in Melbourne and Victoria. Festivale is dedicated to promoting an appreciation and enjoyment of Australia and the Australian way of life. Check us out for information about public places, what's on in movie theatres, the latest films, software, and other developments, plus tips on discovering the best and strangest of Melbourne, Victoria and Australia, with clickable maps and links to educational and entertainment sites, travel information, tourist information, and more. Festivale covers travel, tourism, tourist, movie reviews and movie release dates, film reviews, software and hardware reviews, history, geography, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, clickable maps, online magazine, e-zine.

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