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Cover photo:
Snow covered trees at Mount Baw Baw
Photograph by Gavin Hansford 2008/2009
Courtesy: Tourism Victoria

Winter 2014

Kerry Greenwood

Miss Phryne Fisher's Mistress of Murder

by Ali Kayn

Visit to Melbourne's Immigration Museum

Photostory by Ali Kayn

Australian writer, editor, and publisher Paul Collins

Recent recipient of the A Bertram Chandler Award for
lifetime achievement in Australian science fiction.

Read our featured interview with Paul Collins

Turn Your Computer into a Virtual Album

A project to put your precious memories back into your everyday life.

by Ali Kayn

In Reel Life

Film Festivals in Melbourne This Winter

By Ali Kayn

In The Bookroom

Raymond E. Feist Recommends ...

The Usual Questions, recently answered by:

Author Tanya Huff

and by Tim Powers

and by Charlaine Harris

and by Michael Pryor

and by Ellen Datlow

and by Michael Hiebert

and by J Carson Black

and by F. Paul Wilson

and by Joanne Harris

and by Robert Gregory Browne

and by Max Booth III

and by Jim C. Hines

and by Kevin J. Anderson

and by J. D. Rhoades

and by Don Webb

and by James Walley

and by Tom Trumpinski

and by Jeffrey Thomas

and by Marta Salek

and by Robert Greenberger

and by Cara Brookins

and by Janeen Webb

and by Raymond Benson

and by Joanne Anderton

and by Sanet Smit

and by Satima Flavell

and by Graham Masterton

and by Andrew McKiernan

and by Jeremy Davies

and by Karen Dionne

and by C. S. Burrough

and by Gillian Polack

and by Ged Maybury

and by Brad C. Hodson

and by David Dunwoody

and by Karen Dionne

and by Felicity Pulman

and by Alan Baxter

and by Royce Bond

and by Lou Antonelli

and by Margaret Clark

and by Elaine Ouston

and by Margaret Blake

and by Adam Wallace

and by Amy Sterling Casil

and by K. Ceres Wright

and by Tania McCartney

and by Bevan McGuiness

and by Laurence O'Bryan

and by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

and by Robert N. Stephenson

and by Rebecca Cantrell

and by K J Taylor

and by Simon Williams

and by Craig DiLouie

and by B. L. Morgan

and by Michael Marshall Smith

and by Robert Dunbar

and by Milton J. Davis

and by Susanne Gervay

and by Bob Freeman

and by Michael (Mick) Sims

and by Louise Marley

and by Molly Oldfield

and by Russ (R. G.) Crossley

and by David Rex Bonnewell

and by T. G. Arsenault

and by Michael Yowell

and by Jennifer Caress

and by Ian Welke

and by Robert Stava

and by Andrew Plant

and by Linda Jordan

and by Jack Conner

and by Paul Kane

and by Ira Nayman

and by Deborah Abela

and by Ty Schwamberger

and by Jeffrey J. Mariotte

and by K. Z. Morano

and by Lauren B. Davis

and by Stephen Graham Jones

and by Brian Knight

and by R. Scott McCoy

and by Gemma Files

and by J. G. Faherty

and by Melia McClure

and by Richard Thomas

and by Jason Brawn

and by Alyx Dellamonica

and by Juliet Marillier

and by Sarah Langan

and by Kim Paffenroth

and by Keith Minnion

and by Chris Morris

and by Selena Robins

and by Morgan Sylvia

and by L. L. Soares

and by Peter Mark May

and by Jay Caselberg

and by Ronald Kelly

and by Rhys Hughes

and by Vince Churchill

and by T. M Knight

and by Sandra Kasturi

and by Karen Heuler

and by Errick Nunnally

and by Laurence Klavan

and by Wednesday Lee Friday

and by Tony Baker

and by John Langan

and by Ronan Jackson Jefferson

and by Howard Andrew Jones

and by Christy K. Cagle

and by Kody Boye

and by Chris McMahon

and by Joe R. Lansdale

and by Gordon Van Gelder

and by Joe L. Murr

and by Daniel Ribot

and by Maria Alexander

and by Julie Fison

and by Simon Kurt Unsworth

and by Carson Buckingham

and by A. Henry Keene

and by Tim Waggoner

and by Bryan Cassiday

and by S. S. Michaels

and by Patrick Freivald

and by Wayne Simmons

and by Hal Bodner

and by Marc Blake

and by G. G. Silverman

and by Patrick Swenson

and by Nate Southard

and by Richard Dean Starr

and by Richard Alan Scott

and by Carol Weekes

and by Suzie Bruce

and by Alana Matthews

and by Laken Cane

and by Peggy Wheeler

and by Chrisopher Fowler

and by T. E. Grau

and by David North-Martino

and by Jennifer R. Povey

and by J. Lincoln Fenn

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